Hi everyone. I said before that my updates would slow down a bit. I still wanted to post stuff but uh…my computer kind of….died…so I guess that’s not happening. I don’t even know what happened.

I apologize to the asks I haven’t yet answered. Anyways, hopefully the problem will be fixed soon…

— Anonymous: Senpai I saw your Hinata Shouyou drawing and I love it! I didn't know you watch Haikyuu so it made me happy! Who are your favorite characters?

Ohh thank you very much!! That makes me happy!! ^^

I used to read it like 2 years ago… Then I forgot about it so I’m only at chapter 30 lol… And in the anime I’m at episode 15 I think?? I’m so far behind hahahah… (I watched for Kuroo and when he stopped appearing I fell behind) But it gets me everytime I watch the anime because I think Hinata’s VA is absolutely perfect omg

I think everyone is so cute in Haikyuu! But my favourite is probably Sugawara >_< I like Daichi too. And Noya…! I love when characters act like actual senpais it makes me so emotional ((((senpai complex)))  I think Karasuno is the cutest, and I love their friendly rivalry with Nekoma it’s so cute!! ♥_♥


Who are your favourites?

— Anonymous: please draw more bf kari! it's so cute tho but can you imagine akashi and nijimura playing it and trying to find a guy in game that looks/acts similiar to each other???

SORRY FOR taking so long to answer….

I actually thought about this omg… Trying to find bf kari characters who are similar to them… But I came to the conclusion that there is no match for Nijimura Shuuzou. 

I always thought that despite his cool exterior and rough behaviour he would get embarassed in romantic situations. Saying cheesy lines only when he’s sure the other (Akashi) can’t hear works too (even though Akashi hears them most of the time….) ((-:

Status update

Since I have restarted school, I don’t think I’ll be updating as often anymore (even though my updates were already pretty scarce to begin with lol). That means there may be a delay when answering asks too… So don’t fret too much if I don’t reply to your ask right away. If it’s urgent I can still find some time to answer though! :)

Also, if you remember I had planned to make buttons a few months ago. I’m still figuring out things, because a friend agreed to split orders with me! Stay tuned… 

nin--anna: Uh, your Nijimura in suits doodles are great, especially the first one has struck me so bad. Nijimura with cigarettes and suits is my weakness. It gives me all kinds of ideas :)

Thank you so much!! 

Even though I don’t approve of smoking, somehow I’ve been thinking about it a lot… I imagine that he picked up the habit somewhere during high school. In a setting where Nijimura and Akashi live together, I would imagine that Nijimura would go outside to smoke even during winter not to incommodate his roommate/bf even though Akashi didn’t necessarily ask him to. Or to add the suits, taking a break during one of those formal events they have to attend because of Akashi…

My favourite is Akashi pointing out or complaining about the taste of the smoke when they kiss… (´▽`ʃƪ) Please tell me about your ideas too!! I want to hear them….


Nijimura in suits

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princessmikimiki: I forgot to tell you that Niji sibs are the most cutest thing ever and you should do more comics with them //shot

(The comic)

Whooaa thank you very much!! ^o^ I was so excited when it was announced that Nijimura actually has 2 younger siblings!! (I can see the entirety of the future…

When I heard that one of them is a girl, I thought it would be cute if there was a scenario where Nijimura imouto is in high school and her friend has a crush on Shuuzou who is in university (?). 



I haven’t yet decided on the name for Nijimura imouto…So it’s not mentioned yet lol…

— Anonymous: haha omg i also started bf kari a while ago because of you and i also have the problem of trying to stay up for the doki doki map ;u;" SLEEP OR MAP... the struggle is real OTL

I’m glad you tried it! ^o^ Some days I just can’t so i just go to sleep… Please don’t lose too much sleep over it though!!


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— Anonymous: i started playing bf kari yesterday because of you. thanks, now i'm lacking sleep and am missing appointments.

Omg… I’m glad to hear that you enjoy it!! But please be careful, I’ll be troubled if you miss your appointments!!