Akashi x Zara, I approve so much.

I looove Zara  and I think it suits him so well. Just the right amount of dressed up vs casual and the cuts would look perfect on him. 

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lookbook my new love :))

— Anonymous: What there's going to be sequel (or might)?! I don't know how to feel about this... Will we get to see third year Akashi and Kuroko?!! //dies where did this show up?!

It was announced in Jump Next! There hasn’t been much said about it, only that there will be a “sequel" that takes place after the Winter Cup finals, so they’ll probably be 2nd years at most, I think ^^ ///

Since it comes out on December 29, I guess this is a gift for the new year hehe. I wish Akashi keeps his bangs short like this I think Bokushi is so adorable )-: ♥

— Anonymous: mokoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo what do you feel about the kurobas manga coming back and the super tiny but still there chance of senpai coming back????????????????? ps. i love you hi

Wow! I love you too anon /)///(\

I am THRILLED I saw the hint at the end of the last chapter but I wasn’t expecting a sequel!!! I hope it’s true and it’s not just a translation misunderstanding. Anyhow, as long as senpai lives I have hope…! Please I just want one panel please god

Tbh, I’m still so into it that I haven’t yet fully realized that it ended LOL


aobajoucries: you're drawing again whooooooosh \o/

Yes :3 Haha actually I’m just procrastinating a bit because tomorrow is a holiday. 

I felt like drawing Takao. Even though he’s one of my favourite characters I never draw him ? One Takao to brighten up your day.

— Anonymous: akashi between nijimura and mayuzumi: senpai sandwitch!

There is enough Akashi for everyone, even for Akashi :)

The Akashis seem to have something for grey-eyed senpais. To ponder.

HOW DO YOU DO THAT??? OMG? I’ll try in a bit and hopefully it goes well.

You just pick an art style and then have fun really. The point of the exercise is to just do something youve never done before so that you can break out of your routinely way of doing things  :)

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I haven’t been drawing because I don’t like my art style aND art block that’s PROBABLY DUE TO MY ART STYLE. //sobs

When I feel like this I usually just do figure drawing or just draw in a completely different style than usual. It’s fun and there’s no stress because it’s not comparable to what you usually do so there’s minimal standards. But then it’s just finding your own pace again… Good luck! 

If you feel like writing, write, if you feel like drawing, draw — I’m sure you can do both very well, and if you don’t feel like doing either, just don’t do them :) It’s all about you and your own pace. Change in medium does help though :)

That’s what I think, maybe I’ll just write out small exerpts just for me :) I’ve just been a bit worried lately because I’ve never drawn so little in years… Up to about the beginning of this year I drew everyday without fail (and got injured a lot in the process but it was fun so I did it anyways, stupidly). Now I’m too busy for that… I’ll pick it up again for real when vacation starts but trying to write something might be fun too :)

I haven’t been drawing a comic with a storyline in a long time. I was working on a few but I decided to trash them because I wasn’t happy with the story, or I felt like there were too  many unresolved issues. Lately I have some idead but I’m too lazy to draw them, or I can’t depict them the way I want in drawing… Maybe I should start writing instead.

onokenn: Freeze! You’re under arrest for being so nice and cute. Please copy this message to 10 other blogs that you think are beautiful and deserve it. Keep the game going and make others feel beautiful! Cos you’re an awesome person who runs an amazing blog so you definitely deserve this message <333

Ah! Sorry for the late reply!! Thank you very much!! 8_8

Puremine because of your previous url

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